Kiran Kumar Singh Thingbaijam

(​Postdoctoral Fellow until 2017)
continues research in India

Research Interests

Physics of earthquake source, earthquake-source inversions, dynamic rupture models, ground-motion simulations, site-effects, seismotectonics, fault interactions, seismicity analysis, earthquake-triggered landslide and tsunami, seismic hazard analysis

Selected Publications

Thingbaijam, K.K.S., P.M. Mai and K. Goda (2017). New empirical earthquake source scaling laws, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, revised.
Thingbaijam, K.K.S., and P.M. Mai (2016). Evidence for truncated exponential probability distribution of earthquake slip. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 106, 1802–1816.

Mai, P.M., and K.K.S. Thingbaijam (2014). SRCMOD: An online database of finite-fault rupture models. Seismological Research Letters 85, 1348–135.

Nath, S.K., and K.K.S. Thingbaijam (2012). Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of India. Seismological Research Letters 83(1), 135–149.


2011                Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Kharagpur

Doctor of Philosophy, Earthquake Seismology 

2007                Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Kharagpur

Master of Technology, Computational Seismology