Prof. Mai currently teaches two courses within the Earth Science and Engineering (ErSE) program at KAUST:


ErSE 211: Global Geophysics

The course provides introductory descriptions of the Earth solid and fluid natural systems and their interaction.  It discusses Earth early geological history, plate motions, magnetism and sea floor spreading, earthquakes and earth structure, gravity, geochronology, heat flow, mantle convection and earth’s magnetic field; history of earth climate, formation of oceans and atmosphere, biological history, energy balance climate model, general circulation of ocean and atmosphere, climate change, coupled ocean-atmosphere-biosphere climate models.

ErSE 310: Seismology II

Part I: Whole Earth wave propagation (body waves, surface waves, normal modes); imaging Earth 3D structure with ray-based methods; attenuation and scattering of seismic waves.  Part II: Earthquake source mechanics; earthquake kinematics and scaling laws; earthquake dynamics, fracture modes and crack propagation; introduction to probabilistic seismic hazard assessment.

Besides numerous invited key-note lectures and seminar talks, Prof. Mai has given 2-3 day long short-courses on earthquake source theory, seismic waves in weakly inhomogeneous media, and ground-motion simulation for earthquake-engineering purposes.  Moreover, Prof. Mai has previously taught the following courses at the Institute of Geophysics at ETH Zurich:
  • Earthquake Seismology: an introductory course to the physics of earthquakes

  • Geophysical Inverse Theory: linear and non-linear inversion of (mostly) geophysical data

For more information, contact Martin Mai (martin.mai@kaust.edu.sa) or the Earth Science Program Coordinator, Mazen Mero (mazen.mero@kaust.edu.sa).


Enrolled students can access course material through KAUST's Blackboard via http://portal.kaust.edu.sa