Laura Parisi

Research Scientists

Research Interests

I study Earth structure from crust to the lowermost mantle from seismic imaging. I use seismological observations and seismic wavefield simulations to understand the dynamics of the Earth from local to global scale.


Currently at KAUST, I work on a passive seismic experiment in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (northern Tanzania) aiming to image the depth extent of the faults mapped at the Earth’s surface, and to identify seismically active faults that have no surface expression, by means of high-resolution earthquake locations based on Bayesian inversion and 3-D Earth structure.


I am also interested in: i) crustal and mantle structure of the Arabian Plate and central Mediterranean; ii) heterogeneity and anisotropy in the lowermost mantle; iii) spectral element simulations of seismic wavefield at regional and global scale.

Selected Publications

Parisi, L​., Stanistreet, I., Njau, J., Schick, K., Toth, N. & P. Martin Mai. Data analysis and seismicity from a temporary seismic network in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (northern Tanzania). To be submitted to Seismological Research Letter.

Ballesio, M., Beck, J., Pandey, A., Parisi, L., von Schwerin, E., & Tempone, R.. 2019. Multilevel Monte Carlo acceleration of seismic wave propagation under uncertainty. GEM - International Journal on Geomathematics, 10(1), ​

Parisi, L., A.M.G. Ferreira, and J. Ritsema (2018). S-wave apparent splitting in the Earth's lowermost mantle, J. Geophys. Res. 123, doi: 10.1002/2017JB014394.

Parisi, L., and A.M.G. Ferreira (2016). Empirical assessment of the validity limits of the surface wave full ray theory using realistic 3- D Earth models.  Geophys. J. Int. 205, 146–159, doi: 10.1093/gji/ggw005.

Di Stefano, P., R. Favara, D. Luzio, P. Renda, M. S. Cacciatore, M. Calò, G. Napoli, L. Parisi, S. Todaro, and G. Zarcone (2015). A regional-scale discontinuity in western Sicily revealed by a multidisciplinary approach: A new piece for understanding the geodynamic puzzle of the southern Mediterranean, Tectonics 34, 2067–2085, doi:10.1002/2014TC003759.

Calò, M. and L. Parisi (2014). Evidences of a lithospheric fault zone in the Sicily Channel continental rift (southern Italy) from instrumental seismicity data, Geophys. J. Int. 199(1), 219-225.

Parisi, L., Ferreira, A.M.G. & Capdeville, Y., 2014. Validity domain of the Born Approximation for seismic waveform modelling in realistic Earth structure. Geophysical Journal International, 200 (2), 910-916, doi: 10.1093/gji/ggu446.   

Calò, M., L. Parisi, and D. Luzio (2013). Lithospheric P- and S-wave velocity models of the Sicilian area using WAM tomography: Procedure and assessments, Geophys. J. Int. 195(1), 625-649.Parisi, L., Ferreira, A.M.G., and Ritsema, J. (2018). Apparent splitting of S waves propagating through an isotropic lowermost mantle, J. Geophys. Res. 123,


2015 PhD, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
2011 MSc in Earth Sciences, Universita’ degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy
2008 BSc in Earth Sciences, Universita’ degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy


Best poster presentation at PGRIP Meeting of the British Geophysical Association, Liverpool (UK), Sep 2014
2nd place Challenge Bowl Italia –SEG, Trieste (Italy), Nov 2011.