The CES Research Group continuously searches for new talent, fresh minds, new M.S. and Ph.D. students, internship students and post-doctoral scholars.

Current Open Positions:
There are currently no open positions for postdoctoral researchers or research scientist in Computational Earthquake Seismology. However, feel free to contact us via ( for future opportunities. 

Prospective M.S. students:
Please take a look at the Earth Science and Engineering program admission website to find information and requirements for the program. The deadline for applications is March 01 each year, applications are handled via the university’s admission website. All required documents need to be submitted via this platform. M.S. students start in the Fall semester, and the M.S. program is targeted to obtain an M.S. degree within four semesters. For M.S. applicants, there is no need to identify an academic advisor during the application process, but please get in touch with us if you are interested to join the CES Research Team and pursue master-thesis research in the broad field of Computational Earthquake Seismology.

Prospective Ph.D. students
: The Earth Science and Engineering program website provides information for pursuing a Ph.D. degree at KAUST and lists all requirements. If you are interested in Computational Earthquake Seismology and related fields for your Ph.D. research, please contact the CES Research Group ( in advance. Ph.D. applicants have to identify an academic advisor (‘Faculty Sponsor’) prior to or during the application process. Ph.D. research topics are usually embedded within our current research projects, but can also be developed with the team along specific research interests of the successful Ph.D. applicant.

Student Internship: Interested to become a Visiting Student at KAUST for 3-6 months to conduct an internship with one of our research groups? Detailed information on current internship projects can be found on the site of the Visiting Student Research Program. The CES Research Group hosts visiting students based on availability of internship projects; please contact the CES Research team ( for more information. Full applications have to submitted via the VSRP platform.

Postdoctoral Fellows: Completed your Ph.D. degree recently and now looking to take your first steps in your academic career? Interested in earthquake science (broadly defined), Earth structure imaging, or geothermal energy? Want to work in an international multi-cultural and dynamic environment with excellent research facilities, computational infrastructure, and field-work opportunities? Perhaps the CES Team at KAUST is the right place for you. For inquiries, please contact us (