28 September, 2021

New student paper published, a collaborative study of the CDI and CES group at KAUST

“Interseismic deformation in the Gulf of Aqaba from GPS measurements” (Geophys. J. Int. (2022) 228, 477–492).

The open-access online version can be found here: https://acade

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16 June, 2021

Professor Mai is the new Editor-in-Chief of BSSA


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26 April, 2021

The CES Team attend at vEGU 2021 with six presentations and two session leads

Presentations on the 26th of April. Session lead by P. Martin Mai April, 27th and by Laura Parisi April, 30th. https://www.egu21.eu/

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20 April, 2021

Jayalakshmi S. et al. publish a new study on hybrid broadband ground motions in the Indo-Gangetic basin for Great Himalayan earthquakes

Paper "Hybrid broadband ground motion simulations in the Indo-Gangetic basin for great Himalayan earthquake scenarios" by S. Jayalakshmi, J. Dhanya, S. T. G. Raghukanth & P. M. Mai, published in Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering.

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19 January, 2021

Vyas et al. publish new study on seismic scattering theory

Paper "Characterizing Seismic Scattering in 3D Heterogeneous Earth by a Single Parameter by Jagdish Chandra Vyas, Martin Galis, Paul Martin Mai

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28 September, 2020

L. Parisi et al. publish data and results of a passive seismic experiment

Paper "Seismological Investigation in the Olduvai Basin and Ngorongoro Volcanic Highlands (Western Flank of the Northern Tanzania Divergence)" by Laura Parisi, Ian Stanistreet, Jackson Njau, Kathy Schick, Nicholas Toth, and Paul Martin Mai

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