17 April, 2012

CES members give talks at SSA Conference

SSA conference, San Diego: Alice Gabriel and Hugo Cruz Jimenez present talks on their current work http://www.seismosoc.org/meetings/2012/

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02 April, 2012

New face joins to CES

New team member Dr. Olaf Zielke has arrived

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23 March, 2012

CES student Ph.D. Defenses

CES members of Walter Imperatori defenses his Ph.D. thesis at ETH Zurich

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09 March, 2012

Processor Martin Mai has an invited lecture at Oxford University

Professor Martin Mai has an invited lecture at Oxford University, UK

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06 March, 2012

A lecture is given by Professor Martin Mai at UEA

Professor Martin Mai is to give an invited lecture at University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich, UK

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22 February, 2012

Ph.D. student Visits CES

Visiting Ph.D. student Alice Gabriel from ETH Zurich arrives

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22 January, 2012

Seventh Gulf Seismic Forum takes place in Jeddah

Seventh Gulf Seismic Forum, Jeddah http://7gsf.info

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28 September, 2020

L. Parisi et al. publish data and results of a passive seismic experiment

Paper "Seismological Investigation in the Olduvai Basin and Ngorongoro Volcanic Highlands (Western Flank of the Northern Tanzania Divergence)" by Laura Parisi, Ian Stanistreet, Jackson Njau, Kathy Schick, Nicholas Toth, and Paul Martin Mai

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19 January, 2021

Vyas et al. publish new study on seismic scattering theory

Paper "Characterizing Seismic Scattering in 3D Heterogeneous Earth by a Single Parameter by Jagdish Chandra Vyas, Martin Galis, Paul Martin Mai

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