Principal Investigator

P. Martin Mai

‪Professor of Geophysics, 

Associate Dean, 

Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering‬

Research Scientists

Postdoctoral Fellows

Chenyu Li

Post-doctoral fellow

Hasbi Shiddiqi

Post-doctoral fellow

Ph.D. Students

Jialing Dai

PhD Student

Omar Alobaid

PhD Student

Masters Students

Emerald  Awuor

Visiting Student

Sofia Manzo-Vega

Visiting Student Researcher


Léa Février

Administrative Assistant


Abdulrahman Al-Shuhail

(MSc student with Prof. Mai, 2011) continued to University Delft, Netherlands​​

Alice Gabriel

(PhD student with Prof. Mai, 2012) continued to Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Hoby Razafindrakoto

(PhD student with Prof. Mai, 2016) continued to University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Hugo Cruz Jimenez

(Postdoctoral Fellow until 2016) continues research in Mexico

James Martin Lucien Audretsch

​Visitor at CES group

Jose Angel Lopez Comino

Postdoctoral fellow until 2019​

Juerg Hauser

(Postdoctoral Fellow until 2012) continued to CSIRO Perth, Australia​​

Kiran Kumar Singh Thingbaijam

Research Scientist

Lana Schwan

Administrative Assistant

Letizia Muro

Group and Communication Coordinator

Luca Passone

(PhD Student until 2018) CTO at FalconViz​

Luigi Lombardo

(Postdoctoral Fellow until 2018) Assistant Professor at Faculty of​ Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ICT), Netherlands

Martin Galis

​(Postdoctoral Fellow​ until 2017) continued to Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia

Mathieu Causse

(Postdoctoral Fellow until 2012) continued to UJF Grenoble​​

Mohammad Youssof

Postdoctoral fellow until 2020

Nicolas Castro-Perdomo

Mas​ter Student

Subhadra Nampally

Postdoctoral fellow until 2020

Walter Imperatori

(Postdoctoral Fellow until 2013) continued to ETH Zurich

Ylona van Dinther

(PhD student with Prof. Mai, 2013) continued to ETH Zurich, Switzerland​​​

Zhongxiong Cui

(MSc student with Prof. Mai, 2011) continued to Lehigh University, U.S.​​​