Bora Yalcin

Ph.D. Students


Research Interests

Proficient petrophysical reservoir modeler (matrix & fractures) with proven track record, deep knowledge in reservoir characterization. Recent research interest is in the modeling subsurface physics responsible for reservoir heterogeneity.

Selected Publications

  • Yalcin, B., Zielke, O., Mai, M. A model for off-fault plastic poroelastic deformation and its effects on permeability. EGU 2021, online
  • Zhu, W., Yalcin, B., Khirevich, S., Patzek, T. Correlation analysis of fracture intensity descriptors with different dimensinality in a geomechanics-constrained 3D fracture network. Petroleum Geostatistics, EAGE 2019, Florence, Italy
  • Chandra, V., Ramdani, A., Yalcin, B., Finkbeiner T., Petrovic, A., Khanna, P., Vahrenkamp, V. Characterization of Outcrop Well Cores Equivalent to Lower Arab-D Reservoir, Saudi Arabia. EAGE 2019, London, UK
  • Finkbeiner, T., Chandra, V., Vahrenkamp, V., Yalcin, B., Ramdani, A., Perbawa, A. Petrophysical and Geomechanical Propertiesof Late Jurassic Carbonates Outcropping in Central Saudi Arabia: Correlation with Depositional Sequences and Diagenetic Overprints. GEO 2018, Manama, Bahrain
  • Yalcin, B., Aydin, A., Yapan, K. Sayındere Reservoir Fracture Characterization (An Innovative Workflow for Fracture Analysis and Modeling). Ipetgas 2013, Ankara, Turkey
  • Yalcin B., Ozkaya, I.O., Yapan, K. Sayındere Reservoir Fracture Characterization/Phase 2. Praxis Global- Fractured Reservoir Development Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey




    • 2017 – present: Ph.D., KAUST, KSA
    • M.Sc., Petroleum Geology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA
    • B.Sc., Geological Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

    Professional Profile

    • 2014-2016: Geoscientist, Genel Energy, Ankara, Turkey
    • 2012-2014: Geologist, TPAO, Ankara, Turkey​


    Taqadam Startup Accelerator 2018 winner 20,000$ USD
    AAPG Imperial Barrel Award 2nd place in US Mid Continent section
    Turkish Petroleum Company (TPAO)  full scholarship for Master of Science degree
    Honor Graduate from Middle East Technical University