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As part of an interdisciplinary research project with geologists, palaeontologists&anthropologists from USA&UK, we installed a dense seismic network in the Olduvai Gorge&Laetoli basins. These sites are located within the Ngorogoro Conservation Area (NCA)& are two paleo-antropological excavation sites of global importance to understand the evolution of early humans. Our seismic network covers a surface of approx. 30x40 km&is operating with ten 120s Trillium compact sensors since Jun 2016 & 2017.

We use broadband seismic data by the Saudi Geological Survey and analyze them with a range of seismological tools to study the Earth’s structure beneath Saudi Arabia. This effort focusses on western Saudi Arabia, characterized by prevalent volcanic activity and a rapid transition from oceanic to continental crust along the margins of the Red Sea. In doing so, we are able to accurately locate earthquakes within the region and to determine source parameters, relevant for seis. hazard assessment.