Eduardo Valero Cano

Ph.D. Students


Research Interests

The seismic waves generated by environmental sources such as oceans and humans are often considered noise due to their pseudo-random nature. Nevertheless, information about their source and the Earth’s interior is contained in their auto- and cross-correlation.
My research focuses on using seismic noise interferometry and state-of-the-art tomography techniques to study the subsurface. Specifically, I focus on realistic modeling and inversion of seismic noise auto- and cross-correlations by considering spatial-frequency dependent noise source models and complex 3D-wave propagation.

Selected Publications

  • Cano, E. V., Espindola-Carmona, A., and Peter, D. B., (2021), “Adjoint tomography of the Colima Volcanic Complex using seismic ambient noise,” AGU Fall Meeting 2021.
  • Cano, E. V., Akram, J., and Peter, D. B., (2021), "Automatic seismic phase picking based on unsupervised machine-learning classification and content information analysis," GEOPHYSICS86: V299-V315.
  • Espindola-Carmona, A., Cano, E. V., and Peter, D. B., (2020), “A systematic study of seismic moment tensor inversions using a 3-D structural model: application to Central and Southern Mexico,” AGU Fall Meeting 2020.


  • 2019  M.S.c., Earth Sciences and Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  • 2017  B.Eng., Geosciences, Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero

Scientific and Professional Membership

American Geophysical Union (AGU)