Emerald  Awuor


Visiting Student


My research interests and studies as a geoinformatics student mainly involve acquiring, exploring, and analyzing geodata using Artificial Intelligence and geoscientific methods to model and map spatial patterns due to natural hazards. I am interested in applying these methods in the analysis of the natural hazard chain to improve hazard assessment tools and enable prediction in the case of secondary hazards. Currently, I am working on seismic hazards and their influence on the occurrence of secondary hazards such as landslides.  This is by developing numerical models for seismic ground motion simulations and using geostatistical analysis to understand the relationship between ground motion due to earthquakes and the spatial distribution of earthquake-induced landslides.

Research Interests

Ground motion simulations

Natural hazard chain analysis



MSc., Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente, Netherlands, 2021-Present.

B.Sc. Geospatial and Geomatic Engineering, University of Nairobi, 2019.

Professional Profile

2023-Present: Visiting Student, CES,  KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia