Hugo Cruz Jimenez


(Postdoctoral Fellow until 2016) continues research in Mexico


Research Interests

‪Dr. Cruz's research interests include Uncertainty Quantification of Earthquake Source through a Bayesian approach considering kinematic, dynamic and pseudo-dynamic modeling, 2D and 3D numerical simulation of the strong ground motion considering both Pseudo-Spectral (serial) and Finite Differences (serial and parallel) approaches using supercomputers, GMPEs and inversion of surface waves to determine the sub-surface structure. Other interests include induced seismicity and volcanic activity monitoring.‬

Selected Publications

  • Cruz-Jiménez, H., Chavez-García, F. J., Furumura, T. and Mai, P. M. (2011). Attenuation of ground motion perpendicular to the Mexican Subduction Zone . 4th IASPEI/IAEE International Symposium: Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion. Santa Barbara, Cal, USA.
  • García D., S.K. Singh, M. Herraiz, M. Ordaz, J. F. Pacheco, H. Cruz-Jiménez (2009). Influence of the subduction zone structure on coastal and inland attenuation in Mexico. (2009) Geophys. J. Int. Vol. 179, No.6, pp. 215-230.
  • Cruz-Jiménez, H., Chavez-García, F. J. and Furumura, T. (2009). Differences in attenuation of ground motion perpendicular to the Mexican Subduction Zone between Colima and Guerrero. An explanation based on numerical simulation. Bull. of Seism. Soc. of Am. Vol 99, pp.400-406.
  • J. O. Campos-Enriquez, F. J. Chavez-García, H. Cruz-Jiménez, J. G. Acosta-Chang, T. Matsui, J. A. Arzate, M. J. Unswoth, and J. Ramos-Lopez (2004). Shallow crustal structure of Chicxulub Impact imaged with seismic, gravity and magnetotelluric data: structure of the central uplift and origin of the cenotes ring. Geophys. J. Int., Vol. 157, No. 2, pp. 515-525.


  • 2011 Ph. D. Seismology. Institute of Geophysics ( UNAM )
  • 2004 M. Sc. Seismology. Institute of Geophysics ( UNAM ) 
  • 2000 B. Eng. Geophysics.  ESIA, Earth Sciences ( IPN )

Scientific and Professional Membership

‪Seismological Society of America‬


‪Kajima Foundation award for Ph. D. studies at Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, Japan‬