Kadek Hendrawan Palgunadi as Visiting Scholar in LMU Munich Germany

23 June, 2019

​​23 June- 23 July. The research visit is part of the CRG-funded project FRAGEN (FRacture Activation in Georeservoir physics of Earthquakes in complex fault Network) in which KAUST and LMU are partners. I met and discussed with the main developers consist of Dr. Alice Gabriel (PI), Dr. Duo Li, Thomas Ulrich, Sebastian Anger, Taufiqurrahman, and Carsten Uphoff about the advances of using the software. I learned about the basic concepts and the governing equations of dynamic rupture modeling, friction laws and fracture mechanics implemented in the software started from literature reviews as well as hands-on practices using meshing software (GOCAD, Simmodeler, PUMGen) and SeisSol. Familiarizing the software during the visit and making collaboration works with the FRAGEN team (Dr. Alice Gabriel and Sebastian Anger) on in-situ mesh tagging is useful for the next step of my Ph.D. work together with the FRAGEN project. ​