Sofia Manzo Vega joins CES Team as visiting student researcher.

01 November, 2022

Sofia Manzo Vega was a student in Geophysics Engineering at UNAM with Prof. Xyoli Perez-Campos. In November 2022 she joined the CES Team as VSRP student to work with Dr. Laura Parisi on analysis of earthquake data recorded in Saudi Arabia.

"Earthquake detection and location has been a go on and on topic among the seismology community, many methods had been developed and replace the ancient techniques that require human time and experience, nevertheless these methods need specific parameters for each tectonic zone and type of events, leading to relapse on the good old methods, costing the seismologist time to focus on the main research. Coming from a high tectonic active country with a complex geometry and all types of seismicity, led me to be interested in earthquakes, how much information is missing and how we can maximize the data we already have. Are we seeing all the possible events in a sequence? And how are these events related to human activity? Or it is happening because the normal cycle of tectonic plates.

As the computational resources are increasing and many are available for general public, it is important to test the upcoming methods, my main goal is get the best technique for earthquake detection, completely automatic and using all the computational capacity available to get to the next part which is figured out the source of a earthquake sequence and finally sharing this information to the public that are living in places which earthquakes are their daily basis."