Geothermal Energy Utilization and Techno-Economic Assessment

Techno-economic performance evaluation of a hydrothermal doublet system in Al Wajh, KSA

To enable the geothermal development goals of KSA (as part of the national strategy to promote renewable energy alternatives), it is important to assess  the potential and techno-economic performance of the hydrothermal systems located in the high heat-flow Red Sea rift basin.

We apply an innovative coupled reservoir-wellbore-power, geomechanic and economic  approach to simulate the techno-economic evolution and performance of a hydrothermal doublet system in the Al Wajh basin of the Red Sea rift basin.

Ezekiel et al., (in preparation). Techno-economic evaluation of the performance of hydrothermal doublet systems in Al Wajh basin, Western Saudi Arabia.