Introduction to the Special Section for the Centennial of the Great 1923 Kanto, Japan, Earthquake
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Seismic image of the mantle transition zone beneath northeastern China: evidence for stagnant Pacific subducting slab, lithospheric delamination and mantle upwelling
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From ground motion simulations to landslide occurrence prediction
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Blind broad-band (0–10 Hz) numerical prediction of the 3-D near field seismic response of an MW6.0 extended fault scenario: application to the nuclear site of Cadarache(France)
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MCQsim: A Multicycle Earthquake Simulator
Year: 2023
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Modeling frictional precursory phenomena using a wear-based rate- and state-dependent friction model in the laboratory
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Isotropic and radially anisotropic S-velocity structure beneath the Arabian plate inferred from surface wave tomography
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Authors: Rinhui Kim , Michael Witek , Sung-Joon Chang , Jung-A Lim , P. Martin Mai, Hani Zahran
How does thermal pressurization of pore fluids affect3D strike-slip earthquake dynamics and ground motions?
Year: 2023 DOI:
Authors: Jagdish C. Vyas, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Thomas Ulrich, P. Martin Mai, Jean-Paul Ampuero
ArXiv Journal
Elastic response of porous rock to accumulated slip on strike slip fault networks in geo-reservoirs
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Bedrock fault roughness resolves slip increments of large earthquakes: Case studies from Central Italy
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GMSS2.0: An Enhanced Software Program for Stochastic Finite‐Fault Ground‐Motion Simulation
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Resolving Quaternary Tectonic Activity with High-Resolution Data in Space and Time
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CO2-plume geothermal: Power net generation from 3D fluvial aquifers
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Techno-economic performance optimization of hydrothermal doublet systems: Application to the Al Wajh basin, Western Saudi Arabia
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Shear-Wave Velocity Structure Beneath Northeast China From Joint Inversion of Receiver Functions and Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocities: Implications for Intraplate Volcanism
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A Grand Challenge International Infrastructure for Earthquake Science
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Analysis of ground motion intensity measures and selection techniques for estimating building response.
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