09 December, 2019

Prof. Mai and K. Palgunadi at American geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in ​San Fransisco

9- 13 December. Prof. Mai and K. Palgunadi participate at American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting presenting with poster and oral presentation https://www.agu.org/fall-meeting

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01 December, 2019

Youssof M. et al. analyse the nature of evolved cratonic lithosphere

Paper "Southern Africa crustal anisotropy reveals coupled crust-mantle evolution for over 2 billion years" by Thybo H., Youssof M.​ et Artemieva I. M. published on Nature Communications

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20 November, 2019

K. Palgunadi  et al. create mechanisms to better monitor microearthquake activity in near-real-time using high-frequency signals

Paper "Methodology For Full Waveform Near Real-Time Automatic Detection and Localization of Microseismic events Using High (8 kHz) Sampling Rate Records in Mines: Application to The Garpenberg Mine (Sweden)​" by Palgunadi, K.H., N. Poiata, J. Kinscher, P. Bernard, F. De-Santis, and I. Contrucci, published on Seismological Research Letter.

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13 November, 2019

Jayalakshmi S. et al. publish a new study on seismic wave amplification in the Indo-Gangetic basin for potential large earthquakes

​Paper "3D Seismic Wave Amplification in the Indo-Gangetic Basin from Spectral Element Simulations" by S. Jayalakshmi , J.​Dhanya, S.T.G., Raghukanth, P.M. Mai published on Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering.

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24 October, 2019

Olaf Zielke et al. reveal plate boundary localization along Queen Charlotte Fault, CA

Paper "Plate boundary localization, slip-rates and rupture segmentation​ of the Queen Charlotte Fault based on submarine tectonic geomorphology" by D.S. Brothers, N.C. Miller, J.V. Barrie, P.J. Haeussler, H.G. Greene, B.D. Andrews, O. Zielke, J. Watt, and P. Dartnell Click here

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15 October, 2019

Prof. Mai presenting at the ATAG23 Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

​15-18 October. Prof. Mai invited at the Active Tectonic Research Group (ATAG in Turkey), commemorating the 20-yr anniversary of the devasting magnitude M 7 Marmara Sea earthquakes in 1999”


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01 October, 2019

Indra Arifianto joins CES team as a PhD Student

We would like to warmly welcome Indra in our group!

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26 September, 2019

Laura Parisi publishes a recent work on GEM

Paper "Multilevel Monte Carlo acceleration of seismic wave propagation under uncertainty " by Ballesio, M., Beck, J., Pandey, A., Parisi, L., von Schwerin, E., & Tempone, R. (2019), published on International Journal on Geomathematics, 10(1)

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24 September, 2019

Mitchell Williams joins the CES team as Visiting Student

​We would like to warmly welcome Mitchell in our group!

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13 September, 2019

O. Zielke visits active tectonics research group at Arizona State University.

O. Zielke gives a seminar to extended group about the different resolution potential of stratigraphic and geomorphic records and what it (the different resolution potential) means in terms of data interpretation and earthquake recurrence models

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08 September, 2019

Prof. Mai and O. Zielke at Annual meeting of Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), Palm Springs, California

​O. Zielke participates with a poster presentation, presenting a recent work on multi-cycle earthquake rupture simulations within a poster presentation at the meeting.​

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25 August, 2019

​Tariq A. Aquib joins the CES team as Masters Student

​​We would like to warmly welcome Tariq in our group!​

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08 August, 2019

O. Zielke participates in a field work with colleagues from the CEA in Qinghai province, China

August 8-26. The field work consist of investigating active faulting and determine fault slip rates, in Qinghai province, China

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07 August, 2019

O. Zielke gives lecture at Chinese Earthquake Administration (CEA), Xining, China

O. Zielke gives an overview lecture on recent findings in active tectonics to the local branch of the CEA in Xining, China. ​​

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05 August, 2019

O. Zielke gives a short course about high-resolution topography at the Chinese Earthquake Administration (CEA), Beijing, China

August 5-6. Focus of the course is the generation, manipulation, and interpretation of high-resolution topographic data from Lidar and Structure-from-motion approaches.​

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04 August, 2019

Kadek Palgunadi publishes a recent work on Geophysical Research Letters

Paper​ “Source model for the tsunami inside Palu Bay following the 2018 Palu earthquake, Indonesia” by Gusman, A. R., Supendi, P., Nugraha, A. D., Power, W., Latief, H., Sunendar, H., Palgunadi, K., et al. published on Geophysical Research Letters, 46. Click here

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25 July, 2019

Prof Mai and Dr. Parisi participate in geophysical field-work of CDI team in North Iceland.

25 July-15 August. Laura Parisi and Martin Mai join the CDI team of Sigurjon Jonsson in the GPS campaign in North Iceland to re-measure the markers existing near the Húsavík-Flatey Fault ​​

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04 July, 2019

Martin Mai et al. publish a recent work on JGR Surface

Paper “Geostatistical Modeling to Capture Seismic‐Shaking Patterns From Earthquake‐Induced Landslides” by Luigi Lombardo, Haakon Bakka, Hakan Tanyas, Cees van Western, Paul Martin Mai and Raphael Huser published in the Journal Geophisical Research-Earth Surface

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30 June, 2019

Prof. Mai, Dr. J. Vyas, K. Palgunadi at the 3rd workshop on NMEM, "Numerical Modelling of Earthquake Motions: Waves and Ruptures”, Slomenice, Slovakia.

30 June -July 4. The workshop is to share recent advances in the numerical modeling and understanding of earthquake rupture, earthquake ground motion, and ambient seismic noise. Better understanding of physics of these phenomena based on available seismic data and efficient numerical modeling should eventually help to progress in predicting earthquake ground motion.

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