04 August, 2019

Kadek Palgunadi publishes a recent work on Geophysical Research Letters

Paper​ “Source model for the tsunami inside Palu Bay following the 2018 Palu earthquake, Indonesia” by Gusman, A. R., Supendi, P., Nugraha, A. D., Power, W., Latief, H., Sunendar, H., Palgunadi, K., et al. published on Geophysical Research Letters, 46. Click here

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25 July, 2019

Prof Mai and Dr. Parisi participate in geophysical field-work of CDI team in North Iceland.

25 July-15 August. Laura Parisi and Martin Mai join the CDI team of Sigurjon Jonsson in the GPS campaign in North Iceland to re-measure the markers existing near the Húsavík-Flatey Fault ​​

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04 July, 2019

Martin Mai et al. publish a recent work on JGR Surface

Paper “Geostatistical Modeling to Capture Seismic‐Shaking Patterns From Earthquake‐Induced Landslides” by Luigi Lombardo, Haakon Bakka, Hakan Tanyas, Cees van Western, Paul Martin Mai and Raphael Huser published in the Journal Geophisical Research-Earth Surface

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30 June, 2019

Prof. Mai, Dr. J. Vyas, K. Palgunadi at the 3rd workshop on NMEM, "Numerical Modelling of Earthquake Motions: Waves and Ruptures”, Slomenice, Slovakia.

30 June -July 4. The workshop is to share recent advances in the numerical modeling and understanding of earthquake rupture, earthquake ground motion, and ambient seismic noise. Better understanding of physics of these phenomena based on available seismic data and efficient numerical modeling should eventually help to progress in predicting earthquake ground motion.

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23 June, 2019

Kadek Hendrawan Palgunadi as Visiting Scholar in LMU Munich Germany

​23 June- 23 July. The research visit is part of the CRG-funded project FRAGEN (FRacture Activation in Georeservoir physics of Earthquakes in complex fault Network) in which KAUST and LMU are partners. I met and discussed with the main developers consist of Dr. Alice Gabriel (PI), Dr. Duo Li, Thomas Ulrich, Sebastian Anger, Taufiqurrahman, and Carsten Uphoff about the advances of using the software. I learned about the basic concepts and the governing equations of dynamic rupture modeling, friction laws and fracture mechanics implemented in the software started from literature reviews as well as hands-on practices using meshing software (GOCAD, Simmodeler, PUMGen) and SeisSol. Familiarizing the software during the visit and making collaboration works with the FRAGEN team (Dr. Alice Gabriel and Sebastian Anger) on in-situ mesh tagging is useful for the next step of my Ph.D. work together with the FRAGEN project.

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17 June, 2019

Bora Yalcin joins CES team as PhD student

​​We would like to warmly welcome Bora in our group!​​

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12 June, 2019

Laura Parisi at the INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) for a research visit, in Bologna, Italy

12-26 June. Laura Parisi visits Andrea Berbellini at INGV Bologna for a project aiming at obtaining a first-order velocity model of the crust in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area using Rayleigh waves ellipticity.

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11 June, 2019

Jagdish Vyas attended workshop "Coupled Processes in Fracture Propagation in Geo-Materials: from Hydraulic Fractures to Earthquakes" at the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM), Udine, italy

11-14 June. The summer school was focused on how to numerical model both kind of physical processes which involves fracture mechanics, complex friction laws and thermo-hydro-mechanical deformation. Learn more about the following link: Click here

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03 June, 2019

O. Zielke at the Fault2SHA workshop in Barcelona

June 3-5. The workshop brings together people from earthquake geology, earthquake physics, and the seismic hazard assessment (SHA) community to incorporate the prior two more efficiently into the latter. The overall goal is improved SHA, focusing on applications in southern Europe.

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12 May, 2019

Jagdish Vyas joins CES team as PostDoctoral Fellow

We would like to warmly welcome Jagdish in our group!​​​

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02 May, 2019

CES team (L. Parisi, M. Soliman and N. Castro Perdomo) and researchers of the CDI research group installed 6 seismic stations along the Saudi coast of Golf of Aqaba

CES team and researchers of the CDI research group conduct a field work in the Golf of Aqaba to investigate the seismicity of the area. ​​​​​​

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23 April, 2019

CES team (J. Sivasubramonian and J. Audretsch) at Seismological Society of America (SSA) Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Prof. Mai is recognized by SSA as the ‘Reviewer of the Year, 2019’ for the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA).

23-26 April. J. Sivasubramonian and J. Audretsch participate at the Seismological Society of America (SSA) Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA with oral presentations.​

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19 April, 2019

Martin Mai et al., publish a recent work in JGR Solid Earth

Paper “Landers 1992 “Reloaded”: Integrative Dynamic Earthquake Rupture Modeling” by Stephanie Wollher, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Martin Mai Published in the Journal of Geophysical Research- Solid Earth

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07 April, 2019

CES team at the European Geoscience Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, Austria

7-12 April 2019.​​ CES team participates at the EGU in Vienna with oral and poster presentations.
Prof. Mai officially stepped down as elected president of the Seismology Division of EGU, after four years of service to EGU and its seismology community. ​

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05 March, 2019

Prof. Mai and ​Jose' A. López-Comino at the third "Schatzalp Workshop" on Induced Seismicity​ in Davos (Switzerland).

5-8 March 2019. ​Prof. Mai and Jose'A. López-Comino at the third "Schatzalp​ Workshop" on Induced Seismicity in Davos, Switzerland. ​​​

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17 January, 2019

Prof. Mai at the Annual KGSP (Kaust Gifted Student Program) meeting in Orlando (FL)

17-20 January. The annual meeting gathers all KGSP participants in the US for a 3-day event of presentations, discussions, one-to-one meetings and activities.

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14 December, 2018

Commencement at KAUST: three students of the CES team graduate

Congratulations to Luca Passone, PhD; Zheng Tang, PhD; Nicolas Perdomo, MSc.

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